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The second front

By Owen Paine on Tuesday December 12, 2006 03:30 PM

Remember the union bumper sticker: "the guys who gave you the weekend"?

Amidst all the hugger-mugger by both branches of organized labor, where's the shorter job week movement? Are the so overstuffed with the heath-bennie trip they can't recall their greatest triumph?

Knocking off the axiom that Saturday is job day number six, like the eight-hour premium barrier, are class wide jobbler progress. Raising the minimum wage and tying it to an index, hey, that's grand, but it don't cut to the quick, brothers and sisters -- hour Maxie is wage Minnie's hot fraternal twin.

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Paine, you have just hit upon the one subject that nets me even bigger yawns in liberal-pwog-blogland than election reform does.

I remember that we all scoffed at Molly Ivins when she talked about how Oprah should run for President, but maybe that was a mistake. Maybe we need some candidate well-versed in the language of talk shows-- one that will drill home all those truisms about how the failure to set our sights high enough in political relationships is simply an eternal invitation to get ourselves kicked in the teeth. How can we hope for respect from our suitors if we fail to behave as if we deserved it ?

js paine:

madame x
i seem to specialize in yawn postings

ask the sublime father
i'm like goose egg central
on the response meter

he's secretly plotting to replace me with
daniel shorr

Don't fall for that guff, Paine. I have it on good authority that until the ad revenue starts flowing in, he won't even be able to afford Sam Seder, much less the mighty Schorr.

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