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Yes, master

By Michael J. Smith on Saturday April 11, 2009 09:34 AM

Coupla weeks ago, Boston College caved in to the cop lobby. Now it's Clark University's turn, intimidated, as colleges nearly always are, by the Israel lobby:

Clark University canceled a campus talk scheduled for later this month by controversial Holocaust scholar Norman Finkelstein, saying his presence "would invite controversy and not dialogue or understanding," and would conflict with a similar event scheduled around the same time.

The Clark University Students for Palestinian Rights, a student-run group on the Worcester campus, had arranged for Finkelstein to speak on April 21....

Finkelstein's address would conflict with a similar conference hosted by the university's Strassler Family Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies, scheduled for April 23-26, two days after Finkelstein's speech, Bassett said in his letter. That conference could draw Holocaust scholars who MacMillan said may disagree with Finkelstein.

The dispute came to the attention of college administrators after Hillel, a Jewish campus group, objected to Finkelstein's scheduled appearance.

On the other hand, I'm told Joseph Massad just got tenure at... Columbia! Which frankly astonished me. Perhaps there really is a shift in the wind, and the provinces haven't yet felt it?

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"by...Holocaust scholar Norman Finkelstein"

this is an erroneous statement. finkelstein certainly does not claim or consider himself to be a "Holocaust scholar". and, of course, by describing him as a "controversial" Holocaust scholar, they make him out to sound like david irving. well done Boston globe.

the piece doesn't even mention what he was supposed to speak about...i find it doubtful it was about the Holocaust or even the famous Holocaust Industry that he so aptly describes in his book. not that that is even controversial these days, as he points out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J6l7ANfTpUU


Google seems to be censoring Norman Finkelstein. I haven't seen anything on Norman Finkelstein's website on that matter.

We simply can't find his website on google.

See here,



This is really scandalous. These Google censors are more effective than ordinary state censors. They can really make you disappear if they don't like what you are saying.

I haven't seen anyone making noise about it.

Bob Weber:

I was gonna say what dermokrat said but he beat me to it. So: Amen, brother! The Official Guardians Of The Truth don't like to be caught in outright lies so they've mastered the use of subtle mischaracterization, which gives them "plausible deniability".

Bob Weber:

By which I mean that Mr. Byrne, the Boston Globe drone, can always say, "Well, didn't Mr. Finkelstein write a book, The Holocaust Industry? And isn't he controversial? It's not my fault if people interpret what I said as likening him to denier David Irving!"

Excuse me for belaboring the obvious, but I've seen too much of this over the years to attribute this to "innocent error", or even laziness.

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