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Chief Egg-In-The-Face

By Michael J. Smith on Wednesday June 30, 2010 08:46 PM

I guess everybody has heard by now that the haute-wonquerie polls that Daily Kos has been touting for so long were, apparently, largely made up by the whiz kids Kos hired to do the work. (These polls have been an occasional source of amusement here.)

This comes at a very nice time, as I prepare to sail off for a few computerless days on the boat with my lovely wife, whom I can seldom entice onto the boat but has gamely agreed to this jaunt.

Happy Fourth, everyone. Perhaps I will come back to an Interraweb where Daily Kos is no more. Hey, a guy can dream, right?

Still afloat

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Perhaps I will come back to an Interraweb where Daily Kos is no more.

It survived its uncritical support for John Edwards in the primaries. And then it banned the guy who broke the story about the adultry in the Huffington Post.

If Kos had had his way, Edwards would have gotten the nomination and we would have had President McCain, the President Palin after McCain pulled a Zachary Taylor and ate the poisoned strawberries.


Bon voyage. Wear a life jacket, or better, a buoyant flak jacket.


You can't leave until you have peed on the 'civilian expeditionary force for Iraq and Afghanistan'.


oddly this was the topic of my first post
as a return to SMBIVA for fatherS' s
yachting season

and since the editor goes on the boat along with the reverend skipper
i guess you all will just have to
wait and wait and wait

no paine for u !!!!!


No. Put it here as a comment.

Al Schumann:

Boink, I'm standing up so OP and MJS can stand down.

CF Oxtrot:

hist, the hard-rock miner working that vein of Hating the Evil Rethugs.


to the shaft-house, he must go.

If we'd gotten McCain, we'd have a public option in the health care mess, as the Dimbots would've had to look like they exist for an actual reason.

If we'd gotten McCain, McCain would've delivered that same June 15 Oval Office speech promising a commission of inquiry as the main response to the Deepwater Horizon blowout. The result of that same speech from McCain would be a huge green mobilization.

So, yes, Thank God we have Zerobama!

C'mon hist,
First you talk about Obama passing the EFCA and now your seriously making the argument that Obama is better than McCain and Palin? At this point I'm rooting for the Republicans because they're sure to bring this party to a crash in a more timely fashion.

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