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Blame the Blue Dogs

By Owen Paine on Monday July 19, 2010 05:06 PM

That could be the Dembo party line on the evening of the first Tuesday this November, if the party "of the people, all the people, and nothing but the people... so help me God" loses control of my beloved House.

The blues blocked a full-scale stimulus, and a full-scale stimulus, even if delivered in two dosages, would have meant more folks quickly back to counter and cubicle, with the delightful result... another two more years of little-guy-friendly Dembo party House dictatorship.

Here's a fitting outcome, perhaps: crime followed by smart bomb punishment. This election cycle I'd expect them blue dogs will take more of the hit than their Milquetoaste pwog colleagues. Blue dogs are in tippy districts, pwogs ain't.

Let's hope Dennis the Menace has solid grounds for a big schooner of... what's that German word?

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CF Oxtrot:

Look! It's Wee Denny and his Left-Arm Trophy.

"See honey. I told you we would make the Big Time (TM) once Saintly, Noble Barack the First ascended to the throne. All those years of pretending to be a thorn in the side of the establishment, they were just paving the way for the present era of Post-Racist America, brought to us all courtesy of Saintly, Noble Barack the First, our 44th POTUS overall and our VERY FIRST BLACK POTUS. We are transcendant, we are sublime."

Too depressing for words.

To steal from Sid Hatfield, after his cave-in on the medical bailout, I wouldn't pee on Dennis Kucinich if his heart was on fire.

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