happy anti constitution day cellmates

By Owen Paine on Friday April 20, 2012 09:30 AM

the ever undaunted flugnutz in a comment on the electoral college
got me to thinking ....
as his version of anti statist mojo always does...

recall September 17th is constitution day ..i note not quite so celebrated as the date of the declaration of independence ...ten days b4 bastille day ..

regardless i think an anti constitution day oughta be on the yearly cycle ...no ?
for all us great haters of that
hideous warlock's brew concocted
by a self selected pack
slave holders
land and debt swindlers
and of course
as in any thoroughly bourgeois enterprise
civilizations ultimate scourge ...
marginal tort lawyers

i suggest today what ever day this is be anti constitution day

the de rigour ritual

assemble in the town common
bare from the waste down
form a circle
and on a signal
publically set ablaze --each of us-- a copy of that late and dim enlightenment era chimera
then bend over and use em
to light a chorus of farts

flash anti constitution day has been moved to may 21st

so weed heads keep your shirts on

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4/20 day is already celebrated. I suppose we could make it anti-constitution day too, but in the haze of all that smoke some folks might get a little confused by it.

Happy 4/20 everybody!



what about 5/21 ??

look i'll take any day
so long as
i get to take my pants off
in public
on a fairly warm day


weed day is an awefully nice
though ain't it now

Hey, it would work for me. Make it a double holiday and we'll have twice a much fun!

michael yates:

Boulder, CO has a huge 4/20 celebration, much of it on the University of CO campus. This year the school has forbidden outsiders to come onto the campus. Police and reporters are out in force, and the school actually spread a foul-smelling fertilizer onto prime 4/20 ground. Now they are stomping on the constitution big time here. Shows that that musty old document should be used to make joints.

BTW, our institutions of the higher learning are falling all over themselves to join hands with police, CIA, FBI, and all of the anti-terrorism apparatus. My old employer and one of schools I attended, the U of Pittsburgh has been beset by a rash of bomb threats. This brought out all of the forces of law and order across the nation. The FBI apparently just raided a NYC web host and took their computers. Just happens that this host serves a largely radical/labor community.

Well, I'll be the first to admit that I've always been a huge fan of free speech, peaceable assembly, being secure in my house, papers and person, not being forced to incriminate myself, and all that jazz. Still, there's a part of me that's totally behind Paine's idea, given the huge number of people in this country who are either totally ignorant of the ongoing massive Constitutional violations, or who've bought into the state/media line about how it's necessary for our safety.

One of my DW's former EPA colleagues is a gay man from Iowa who was the first openly gay mayor of his hometown before moving to DC, was the Advisory Neighborhood Commission* rep in our ward for a few years, and is a neighbor of ours on Capitol Hill. He and his partner have been in a serious, committed relationship for many years, and bought a house here together after moving here from Iowa.

Every year, he throws a Constitution Day party at his house. I enjoyed it the first few years -- he always has lots of cool people there, the food's really good, well-stocked bar in the basement -- but in the past three or four years I've just wanted to gag every time the invite hits our mailbox. My first thought is Christ, what the hell are these guys celebrating for? We've hardly got any Constitution left! Why don't they have a goddamn' wake instead? More and more lately, at his recent parties, I've had to work harder and harder to avoid the grumpy Liberals who whine about how the Left isn't supporting Obama enough, and are still complaining about how that awful Ralph Nader stole votes from the Democrats in '00.

On top of this, at the past three or four parties, it's gotten more and more difficult to suppress my gag reflex when I go down to the basement to mix a martini and see his Obama schwag proudly displayed on the wall. Yeah, this gay dude and his partner are actually still proud to have helped elect a guy who opposes same-sex marriage and who invited that skeezy, gay-bashing, "purpose-driven" religious huckster to speak at his Inauguration.

So, now you've got me thinking... this September, when we get our annual invite to our friends' Constitution Day Party, I may call them -- ostensibly to RSVP, but instead I'll suggest that instead of a celebration, he should hold a wake; he could buy a bunch of copies of the Constitution -- the ones they print on cheesy fake parchment -- at the National Archives gift shop and then, when his guests are pleasantly drunk, hand them out and have the guests assemble in his back garden to light them on fire. I'd skip the pants-dropping and fart-lighting, though; with the high concentration of methane in the air, there's a good chance that symbolic gesture might... shall we say... backfire.

*In Washington, DC, the various wards are subdivided into smaller districts, usually by neighborhood; these sub-districts elect local representatives to the Advisory Neighborhood Commissions whose job, basically, is to complain about nightclubs and about local grocery stores attracting homeless people by selling beer by the pint and quart.


flug u loveable nit wit !!!!!

the constitution and the original bill of rights amendments are two distinct actions

your list:

"free speech, peaceable assembly, being secure in my house, papers and person, not being forced to incriminate myself "

hey they are all in the original amendments
of 1791
not the original constitution
of 1788


your rights to assemble and bare arms etc
are part of a separate conception
originally promised by the federalist demons
as an add on
to ram the form and process horrors
of the original constitution past the public

these beautiful promises are
as separate from the original constitution
as the reconstruction era amendments

the only point here
worth making?

the fucking original document is too fucking hard to amend !!!!!!!


defend your rights not the constitution

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