will the power-plutonian elite ....save dick lugar ?

By Owen Paine on Saturday April 21, 2012 02:58 PM

tea party real "wild grass skirt " guy is after dick's scalp and his job

can dick survive ?

don't count on it

"The latest sign of Lugar’s vulnerability came Saturday when Mourdock won 88 percent of a straw vote among GOP precinct committee members in Muncie"

let this loyal subaltern of the Wallyocracy get trampled by a corn toothed yahoo ?


we steely pinks oughta suppose the laputa crowd hardly care....
always plenty of talented supplicants to promote ..eh?..

why not some plug ignorant fresh blood in the greatest deliberative body on planet earth ?

besides its gotta be fun
watching one of your sedulous bag carriers
viciously traduced degraded hurled on the shit heep
...prolly gives em boners

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The slow grinding away of the main stream corporate champions in the GOP
Suggests an even greater reliance on the New Democrats like Hill Clinton and Barry O

The panic of the vital center worshipers losing
the center aisle cross over co alit ion
Is certainly exaggerated by the MSM

But the clever story board would block out some sort of narrative line like this:

With the donkastry now so sensibly corporate friendly
Mustn't at long last
the pwog wing of Fdr's party
Errr.... at lest it's authentic elements......Revolt ?

Only if mitt can manage to win in November is this conceivable
So....mitt must lose ?

Oddly mitt is a corporate hold on
Like little bush and of course ole flight deck pappy were

nope the day of decision is not upon us yet

If mitt gets walloped the tea forces run amok
But the pwogs stay in the roost
How can Clio get both wings to rip free at once ?
Surely that is what can break the class impasse here

But of course
Maybe She really doesn't want a lurch forward just here and just now
or even soon

Who am I to question Her Highness ?

Only Her. Emergent Totalizing Mind
Can grasp the greater reason driving our pilgrams'progress


so, this clio broad. anthropomorphic representation of historical forces or literal mystical being?



Mystical ?


Almighty ?
As a tautology yes

Flesh ?

In billions of hu units yes

Law breaking but not lawless units

Dick Lugar?
D'ahh ha ha ha ha ha hah. Sounds like the name of a villain in an old DC Superman comic book.

That name sounds slmost as funny as Dick Armey. (snurfff, snigger)

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