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By Owen Paine on Wednesday May 30, 2012 01:52 PM

from venture to vulture according to wikiradaction of a '89 WJS article :

"Beginning in 1989, Bain capital , which began as a venture capital source
investing in start-up companies, adjusted its strategy
to focus on leveraged buyouts and growth capital investments
in more mature companies "

from "start ups " to "more mature" ( glue factor outfits )

can't see how this guy can win if this story gets banged home
fork in road :

vulture gulch or corporate baby farm

the mittiful disgrace went buzzrd baby..... turkey buzzard

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America's lucky that there are people like Mitt out there who are able to euthanize our elderly and failing corporations, which are people after all.

If the demos want to beat this guy all they have to do is say the following, over and over again:

1. Romney was a supporter of the Vietnam war.
2. Romney didn't serve in the military, however.
3. Instead of serving in the military he received a draft deferment to serve as a missionary.
4. Romney's missionary work was done in France, specifically in the impoverished areas of Le Havre, Nantes and Bordeaux.
5. When his deferments ran out, he avoided his final year of eligibility by having a high draft lottery number.
6. His affinity toward the middle class is evinced by his joint MBA and law degrees from Harvard University.
7. Further evidence of his affinity toward the middle class is evinced by his net worth, estimated to be between $190 and $250 million, twice the net worth of the last eight presidents combined.

The demos won't say this stuff though. They're wimps, who deserve to lose every bit as much as Romney does.

Waitaminnit... Harold Ford is black?

Ha ha ha ha hah... but, I kid Harold Ford.

But, seriously, folks: I think it's superbly entertaining to see Obama having his ass kicked by other Democrats, especially Cory Booker, who's got a pantload of cash from Bain. As much as detest outfits like Bain Capital, I'm getting a huge-assed schadenfreude rush watching Obummer being bitch-slapped by other Democrats for taking what would be considered a standard-issue Democratic position -- by criticizing an outfit that just happens to have kept cash flowing like heroin into the veins of the Democratic Party.

Pied Cow sez on 05.30.12 @14:35:
The demos won't say this stuff though. They're wimps, who deserve to lose every bit as much as Romney does.

Actually, as was recently pointed out here -- the Democratic Party isn't a gutless, cowardly institution; it just plays one on TV.


will i never learn

posts like this come off like

"yawwwwwn "ers

axiom of choice

this sites faithful

consider capitalism of whatever shape or size all vulture no venture

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