how to succeed in ohbummers amerika

By Owen Paine on Thursday June 7, 2012 02:35 PM

u may have missed this
its by my favorite poison ivy merit slut

cathy rumpoliowitz

"a survey of high school graduates of the classes of 2006-11 who do not have college degrees and are not enrolled in school full time"

"Seven in 10 of these recent graduates said they would need more education if they were to have a successful career"

i need one of father Smiffs latin ttags here don't I ?

and a picture of my darling cathy R

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Suitable Latin tag, free gratis and for nothin': Ignis fatuus.

anne shew:

i would like to have a little chat with you owen .. on something that i mention a bit of over on paul alexander's .. ,on the wee oven with what looks like mistah charley having a nap below .. post ,if you could have a look in the comments on that one if you have a moment .. , ( note - if the email address shows up on your end some how , it's not a slurr ,but a pond sound .. )

anne shew:

i'm more than a queen bee of trying to address many ..of something of tasks with just a few words , of why i suddenly decided to put that first comment here above on this ..of what about..of the post ,of schooled in , ( i'm dealing with something of this schooling.. in and of ,that has come up with the passing in my family of one of my father's brothers ..that i make some mention of a few posts back on ioz to lucid there .., of my gran'father being a headmaster at the normal school, ont. ,and more at some point , and of my family connect to the globe and mail here .. ) .. just below michael's tag ,and of the importance of what i am directing you to and how it connects to whoisio z , and a few others of putting these two comments here in a more public than an email placing .. , but i don't mean to suggest that we try to talk on any of what i am directing you to .. of wording here ,another way perhaps if you are willing to talk on or of a little ..

anne shew:

i should have said .. on or of (of owen's more .. of wording ) to my little of wording .. / and i put in the wrong email address if it shows at all, it's right now ..


This is such an honor. IOZ, eat your heart out!

Jersey Patriot:

It takes a college degree to get hired for anything but burger flipper or cash register operator. That means that college is important in some sense - credentialing - but it doesn't mean college is important in its most important sense - actually imparting something worth paying that much for. If you take the smartest 40% of your population and run them through anything, that anything will look important: Bible memorization, basic training, Hebrew school, etc.

anne shew:

what are you meaning michael , of honor ? / and there is no brighter %, people are bright in such varying ways .. , to patriot,jersey ..

Too true Anne, your sentiment about everyone being bright.

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