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By Owen Paine on Thursday June 14, 2012 10:15 PM

this is stale news but grim none the less ...

"Secret polling numbers may be driving Greek banks stocks straight up.
Greek banking stocks surged 20 percent Thursday"

"amid market talk that secret opinion polls were showing
that a government favorable to the international bailout agreement
was likely to emerge after the June 17 election,"

the wave of sentiment has rocked and rolled over the past several weeks

i still hold out hope

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alex the rouge
offers a keen line on this

"All we can do in our humiliating prostration, is wish the Greek left the best of luck

humpty dumpty:

Greece's creditors - its European partners and the International Monetary Fund - have warned the cash lifeline will dry up if a new government unilaterally abandons previous pledges for further cutbacks and reforms. Without the money, Greece would go bankrupt and be forced out of the 17-country eurozone.

Sergios Melahrinos, an analyst at Solidus Securities, said the stock rally seemed fragile. He said: "This is not a solidly-founded reaction, it is based on rumours and expectations rather than facts. And these can very easily be disproved tomorrow, or on Monday after the elections."
Thursday June 14,2012

[I'd consider the 10 percent and 22 percent [banks]more short squeeze than much else]

Before market rumours began this week, the latest official polls showed that either New Democracy or Syriza could win on Sunday, although without enough seats in parliament to govern alone.

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