ohbomneycare uni-mandate strike down...count down

By Owen Paine on Sunday June 3, 2012 11:47 AM

isn't it june some time the supremes will make the last call here ?

and why wasn't romneycare challengede at the federal level on the same grounds ?

i despise legal bagel rolls spent way to much time on lawyers in deposition and court
to find this a recreational pursuit

but i know the state supremes shot down the challenge to the state madate
but isn't it a federal protection too ?

let the side walk shysters'
long nose arguments begin !!!!!!!!!!!

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10th amendment innit?
something something reserved to the states.


is that one of the bases
for the obomney challenges


no, the obamacare challenge asserts that mandating that individuals buy something does not fall under congresses power to regulate interstate commerce. and they're probably right to but then, the commerce clause has been used to regulate things that farmers grow for personal use so who can say.

states arent bound by the commerce clause though, because of the 10th so the challenge would have to be on some other grounds.

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