hitting the jack pot

By Owen Paine on Thursday July 5, 2012 11:29 AM


this blog by mental smile ballon miles kringle is the living end

its the ginchy -est

i'll spare u the link jump
just read this exslurp :

"In judging unfreedom at work, I think we should judge according to an organization’s declared mission or missions. ....

. For organizations whose mission is to make a profit, I think it is important to have the judgment made by a panel of others who have met a payroll and worried about their firms going under.........

....a regular jury can not adequately judge job dismissals ...
it would be hard for most people to ignore the fact that
something very valuable has been taken from someone who is fired from a job

. It is not easy to remember that the person hired to replace the one fired gains something equally valuable.

And it is not that easy for most people to appreciate how necessary is the threat of firing

(or where firing is impossible, how important is the threat of some sort of demotion)

necessary at a systems level

to undergird those dimensions of workplace discipline
that are necessary for a firm to fulfill its missions of making a profit
and effectively producing goods and services that improve people’s lives. "

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About the author
Miles Kimball is Professor of Economics and Survey Research at the University of Michigan. Politically, Miles is an independent who grew up in an apolitical family. He holds many strong opinions—open to revision in response to cogent arguments—that do not line up neatly with either the Republican or Democratic Party...

...so, basically, he leans whichever way the wind blows -- that is, a pragmatist (spit).

I just read the entire spewage that you excerpted here. He lists all the totalitarian abuses of many modern American workplaces, but suggests no course of action. He just kind of meanders along for another half-dozen paragraphs before fizzling to an ending.

I want to hurt this guy's blog, but I could never hurt it as bad as it just hurt me.


a liberal trio see some light

"What makes the private sector, especially the workplace, such an attractive instrument of repression is precisely that it can administer punishments without being subject to the constraints of the Bill of Rights. It is an archipelago of private governments, in which employers are free to do precisely what the state is forbidden to do: punish without process. Far from providing a check against the state, the private sector can easily become an adjutant of the state. Not through some process of liberal corporatism but simply because employers often share the goals of state officials and are better positioned to act upon them."



the job site rights movement
lights few windows here

what no need no fuckin job ?

strictly post job type ?

still too soon or even still pre job?

please paine
give us " job escape time" thought only ?

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