Leaks and dribbles

By Al Schumann on Saturday July 28, 2012 01:31 AM

"Leaks of classified information regarding intelligence sources and methods can disrupt intelligence operations, threaten the lives of intelligence officers and assets, and make foreign partners less likely to work with us," said Feinstein, a Democrat from California. "The culture of leaks has to change," she said in a joint statement with Chambliss, a Georgia Republican.

The "culture of leaks" indeed! None of the leaks and dribbles have ever had any effect at all on anything but the gassy self-satisfaction of the national security mandarins. For them, and to them, it's a personal insult and a criminal affront.

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DiFi’s intolerance for ‘leaks,’ as she calls them, is certainly evident by the lack of objective info on hubby Dick Blum in the Los Angeles Times and the two supposedly liberal major Bay Area Cali Newspapers. I could probably count on one hand the times he’s been noted as being her husband in the rare instances that his name made the nooz. Certainly the following prediction ( www.latimes.com/news/opinion/commentary/la-oe-roberts16-2009mar16,0,6411215.story ), by an opinion writer, has not occurred:

the wealth accumulated in China and other overseas investments during her years in the Senate by her husband, University of California Regents Chairman Richard Blum, would be fly-specked by every opposition researcher and investigative reporter in California, if not the nation, with the specter of a financial scandal, substantive or insinuated, hanging over her campaign.

though sometimes things do leak on a local level, and small town paper level, see:


theava.com/special-projects (scroll down to Will Parrish & Darwin Bond-Graham’s 5-part series on financier and UC regent Richard Blum.

(didn’t provide the full urls above as it seemed to postpone the posting of the comment)

Al Schumann:

Good idea. Multiple full urls will indiscriminately spam-rate comments. They can be dug out of the comment dumpster, but that's an iffy thing.

Sen. Feinstein's aversion is one of the best arguments in favor of leaks. They wouldn't change the general drift of history, at least in the shorter runs, but the humiliation of one cretinous nomenklatura freeloader after another at least has some entertainment value. Perhaps in time it would lead to enough popular revulsion that the cretinous, freeloading lifestyle is itself discredited.


In Dianne's case, I can't help but wonder if it wouldn't have affected her re-elections, I really think a significant portion of Californians don't have a clue who her husband is and even if they do, don't have a clue as to the extent of his predatory actions. For example, his direct involvement, as majority owner of CB Richard Ellis, in the surreptitious auctioning off of OUR PUBLIC POST OFFICES, beautifully built historic ones, at that (link: www.berkeleydailyplanet.com/issue/2012-07-13/article/39999?headline=Who-Owns-OUR-Downtown-Berkeley-Post-Office-News-Analysis---By-Gray-Brechin ):

In a recent posting about the many exquisite California post offices that are or soon will be up for grabs, savethepostoffice.com also reveals [link: www.savethepostoffice.com/eureka-postal-service-finds-gold-california ] that a year ago, the USPS gave commercial real estate giant CB Richard Ellis an exclusive contract to sell the public’s property as well as advising it on which postal facilities it should sell.

CB Richard Ellis is largely owned by its current Chairman of the Board, [link: ir.cbre.com/phoenix.zhtml?c=176560&p=irol-govBioCorpGov&ID=112601 ] billionaire investor Richard C. Blum. Among his many other activities, Mr. Blum is the Alpha U.C. Regent so responsible for “restructuring” [link: www.sfgate.com/default/article/New-UC-president-to-earn-591-000-plus-perks-3220266.php ] the University. He is also the domestic partner of Senator Dianne Feinstein.

It is hardly surprising that among the properties CBRE [CB Richard Ellis] selling are full or partial city blocks in the heart of some of the priciest towns in the U.S. Those blocks often contain mini-palaces embellished with New Deal artwork that, despite inroads by the internet, still provide vital community services while attracting customers for nearby downtown businesses. Moving what remains of those services to peripheral shopping malls and industrial strips [link: www.savethepostoffice.com/relocating-redmond-promise-postal-service-didnt-deliver ]only accelerates the centrifugal forces withering the nation’s downtowns while eliminating buildings that have long provided essential public space.

And yeah, the theft has been ‘leak’ proof:

As elsewhere in the U.S., that announcement that the public’s property would soon be up for grabs was made by fiat with virtually no public notice and no consultation with the community that depends upon the services that the building provides.

(Heading off to sleep Al, if your still up. It’s been a real pleasure conversing.)

Is that the vaginal/anal pear? You bastard!

Actually, what is its relation to the article? The possibly permanent damage it can inflict upon a person's urinary tract? Sorry, that one got by me.

Al Schumann:

It's a national security corrective implement. Further information is classified. I'm sorry, truly, but even SMBIVA has to do its little bit in the war on leaks.

So does the pear stop the urge to leak on the part of miscreants, or can you actually physically insert it to stop leakage?

Al, I always want to find some funny rejoinder to your comments, and I always come up short.

Al Schumann:

Don't be too concerned about the funny. It does come across, in intent and as actual wit. By default, I assume congenial regard when you post.


Don't always assume the worst:



In all honesty Al, was this post about meaning behind Dianne Feinstein's remark, or was it more about "butt plugs" than anything else (given the above butt plug post). I'm starting to feel foolish for thinking you were actually seriously starting a conversation about the utter lack of transparency in the UZ. Yeah I did wonder about the photo, thinking it was maybe an old fashioned gyno instrument, though not wanting to ask and divert the subject from what I thought was your main point (and maybe at that point I should have waited to find out, instead of commenting anway?)

Now that I know what the photo is, I get the point but don't understand why the analagous device has now usurped what I had thought was the more relevant subject I possibly(?) made the mistake of thinking you were pointing out.

I probably have no business commenting at all, since no one invited me to this site, but I can't help but to say, it generally appears to be a site wanting to discuss the state of ugly political affairs in the UZ (versus the potential benefits of certain “butt plugs”) to anyone interested, and that's why I started commenting here.


To whom it may concern:

Michael Dawkins ("Consumer Trap" on the blogroll) once expressed the opinion that SMBIVA was a corner saloon (or words to the same effect). If one is reluctant to enter a saloon, one probably shouldn't participate in SMBIVA comments. It is not that the principals try to rough anybody up, but their sensitivity/sensibility meters all seem to have blown fuses.

BTW "Boink" is a sound effect and only a sound effect. Proper slang for "the other" is "Bonk".

Al Schumann:

It concerns me. The estimable Michael Dawkins is correct. I recommend his writing without reservation. He has a lot to offer.

Maybe we, the authors of SMBIVA, need a disclaimer. My own contributions are best read while listening to something like this.


wait here ....

we already drove my hero mr dawson
out of these cages

now we have another hero of mine
the hot lamp
and to complicate matters
the vishinsky here is herself
only a recent and quickly valued sojourner

we might lose both of em as we lost col. dawson

Anonymous, the description on the picture you link actually says "Oral (rectal, vaginal) pear."

diane, my comments on the picture (of an instrument which I wasn't sure to be proud or disturbed I immediately recognized) are irrelevant to the real subject at hand, and I made them essentially in jest, lacking anything more substantive to contribute. I hope you didn't find them off-putting and that they won't somehow dissuade you from continuing to make your infinitely more valuable comments.


thank you for that thought, Save the Oocytes, ...though I very much doubt I have anything more valuable to say than you do. As I commented above, I just stepped short of making the same sort of commentary you did (and I did, maybe like you, check the "jpg" description chokepear, before posting). It was pretty much a coin toss, as in a slightly different mood, I would have made the same comment as you.

I think it was all about a difference of experiences and the consequent personal 'triggers'(and none of us are capable of experiencing all other's experiences, ...sadly enough)

I truly value Al's desire to speak to it though, I think it speaks volumes about his very real concern, for other people.


@Save the Oocytes:
The English is a translator's Rorschach test. The museum is Austrian. Item '6' is a 'Mundbirne' => 'mouth pear'.

Outside information or unaccountable mental imagery has been brought to the translator's task in this case.

diane: nah, I'm afraid I didn't have to check the image location on that one. You do seem to know an impressive lot about Feinstein's disgusting spouse, which is useful in a discussion like this. It's hard to be jealous of it, though. :|

Anonymous: my impression was that they were all roughly interchangeable; it's not like they were (are?) calibrated as precision instruments of various dimensions. My prurient set of mind had of course forgotten the equally vicious oral use in favor of rectovaginal application.

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