you gotta really be aweful mean and nasty to make the neo-Bourbons look " lesser "...

By Owen Paine on Wednesday July 4, 2012 08:23 AM

enter rich scott

(he of the massive HCA medicare fraud ****
and present governor of florida
---- my home state these days--- )

"Gov. Scott: Florida will not .....expand Medicare" !!!!!!

jimmy kwak-box comments :

"So, you’re a Republican state governor. ....You have some working class households
in your state that make, say, $25,000 and don’t get health insurance through work.
Currently many of them are uninsured.....
. You could buy all of them health insurance..... at a 90 percent discount ..."

blah blah blah


poser de jour

what if there emerged an effort to oust same by a recall
aided and financed by a donkeycrat swat team .....

ala scott walker

--also saying nyet to the 90% off premiums ---

could an SMBIVA stalwart join in ?

*****"In 1997, Rick Scott was implicated in the biggest Medicare fraud case in US history, stepping down as CEO of Columbia/HCA after the hospital giant was fined $1.7 billion and found guilty of swindling the government"

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Oh my. A politician willing to stand by his principles. I just have one question. If these people don't have insurance picked up by the feds, when they inevitably show up in the ER, who gets to swallow the costs? Columbia/HCA?

Heh. Indeed.

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