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April 6, 2011

Hook -- or crook?

It's not the greatest thing on earth to agree with Carl Davidson, but it happens -- hey, I'm told I agree with Newt Gingrich on public education.

At any rate -- at a favorite site of us Sitzkriegers, kasama, I read a very militant piece on the Wisconsin general strike movement. Here's what draws my fire -- it's not about the general strike, it's about the recall movement:

"I’m absolutely against the recall as a tactic. I know I’ve heard what some may see as a compromise of both the recall effort and wider agitation around striking being used, but I don’t think it works like that. Electoral politics does not act in a way that is complimentary to working class self-activity and self-organization. It is a co-opting force that clears the discourse for its path to supremacy. For every dollar donated to a Democratic politician, that is one less for a strike fund or bail money. For every hour spent traveling to different districts to gather signatures for a recall petition, that is one less hour one could have spent agitating in their workplace and community for something bigger and better."
Let's pry out the key sliver here:
"Electoral politics does not act in a way that is complimentary to working class self-activity and self-organization."
Cometh now Carl Davidson, repentant Maoite:
"a progressive majority is making decent use of the recall tactic. Rather than staying away from it, I’d make good use of it to build organization in every city and town in the state."
It's called not getting isolated from the masses -- no? And if the fork in the road really has only two ways forward -- general strike and recall election -- well, under present conditions, I'd prolly say the time spent on a general strike would be...umh... worse than wasted; and the time spent on the recall... I dunno... maybe, gosh, what the heck...

Is it really the best option available?

I do like knocking off fuckballs, and I note such a surge has come within a whisker of knocking off a Wisconsin state judge today -- a top court judge, too, in a 4-3 black-hat-wins configuration, and the chap's said to be a real GOP purple-butt baboon... and and and, the court might throw out Walker's kill bill...

I hear it building: "Hell, no! Hell, no!" Is that you, Flug and Oxy and... et tu, father?

But come on, guys, actually knocking some fuckwit off -- that would be like really kool kicks, wouldn't it? Eh?

"Paine, you simpering blowhard candyass -- you're just building the Kos wing of the jackass party!"

Yeah, yikes, that's a pretty damn good point. Gee, lets see. Errrr, I'll call Carl. We'll huddle up, bounce it around, and I'll get back to ya on this, with the final... irony.

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