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April 9, 2011

The Nineleven Memorial Car, etc.

You can't make this stuff up, as the man said. There's more, much more, to delight those of us with a mean sense of humor at the Nineleven Theme Park site.

Of course, the Families -- God help us, the Families -- are raising the usual geschrei about how it's not enough (though I personally would have said it was way too much). It's never, ever enough for these folks:

For 9/11 Museum, Dispute Over Victims’ Remains

... 9,041 pieces of human remains — mainly bone fragments but also tissue that has been dehydrated for preservation — are still being sorted through by the city’s medical examiner for DNA...

Now, a dispute over what to do with those remains is simmering between some of the victims’ families and the officials...

Officials plan to take the remains seven stories below ground and place them in the new museum behind a wall with a quotation from Virgil about never forgetting, studded in letters of World Trade Center steel. But the families, appalled by the idea of remains that could belong to their loved ones being turned into a lure for tourists, want them kept in a separate above-ground memorial that would be treated like hallowed ground.

Some very American stuff here: our nauseating, diseased preoccupation with corpses, or even scraps of corpses, and our love of a grievance. How we cling to a grievance, as if it were a piece of particularly valuable real estate! The country is overrun with self-promoting grievers and survivors, like fleas in the pelt of a wharf rat, trying to trade up the value of their asset while they can. The stockholders of Nineleven Grief, Inc., in fact want to trade theirs up in the most literal sense -- about seventy feet up, from a dank subbasement to grade level. They've learned from the POW/MIA entrepreneurs -- all those poor schmucks got was that stupid flag all over the place. The Nineleventers want some fucking masonry. With street frontage.

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