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May 4, 2011

Watching porn

There's been a lot of iconographic commentary on the image above. The comparison that leaped to my mind was the image below:

It's from a rather droll piece in New York Magazine -- yes, New York Magazine -- about how young guys are watching too much porn. That's what the two lads above were said to be doing at the time the photo was taken, and I believe it.

The difference, of course, is that almost certainly nobody died to evoke their rapt expressions.

Much has been made of the hand over Hillary's mouth in the top photo. Apart from the anonymous young staffchick in the background, peering between two male shoulders clad in what appears to be Brooks Brothers pima, Hillary is the only girl in the room.

What expression does Hillary's hand conceal? Revulsion, of which she is ashamed? Excitement, of which she is ashamed? Both, perhaps?

She is, after all, a woman of my generation. They tend to have a problem with porn, in my experience. The staffchick is younger and perhaps that's why she's so unfazed.

She knows the money shot is imminent. She's seen it before. She's following the story but not altogether caught up in it.

But the boys, old and young -- notice that none of them has his hands in sight?

January 12, 2012

The Moral Buzz of the Bien Pensant

The usual suspects are shocked (shocked!) by the latest video atrocity. It seems that the corpses of once-living people have been treated disrespectfully. Worse, the disrespect was captured on video. Spluttering sanctimony, hand-wringing and some vindictive prosecutions should set things to rights.

To me, there appears to be a very sharp breakdown in the logical process. Without imperial invasion, there are far fewer corpses. Without corpses at hand, there is far less disrespectful treatment of them. For all the laws passed and moral injunctions conveyed, there doesn't appear to be any way around these simple facts.

Update: IOZ weighs in, with a link to a fine post by Rob Payne.

Update II: Maybe the moral outrage could be soothed with some additional euphemism. I'd like to help. Instead of killing, use kinetic deprecation, and instead of urinating on corpses, use sanitary insensitivity.

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