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January 7, 2009

"We calm and reassure...." (*)

This marvelous item came to my attention via Charles Andrews at the Monthly Review web site:

No Need to March, Says Obama Adviser

Valerie Jarrett, who will likely become a household name very shortly as she serves as a senior adviser and public liaison for President Barack Obama, says the landscape of activism may drastically change under an Obama administration as those who have traditionally fought to be heard will likely have seats at the table.

“You do not need to have demonstrations in front of the White House.... The campaign stood for change. It stood for a grassroots, bottom-up drive toward a better country. That does not have to be confrontational. It can be engaging....

[Obama's] strategy is, ‘Look if we all come to the table and we have a common goal of trying to solve a problem, there’s no end to what ordinary people can do....’”

Jarrett, [the] CEO of a real estate development and management company who’s already called the “first friend” to the Obamas, has not ruled out the possibility of even Jackson and Sharpton at the table in the White House.

Gasp! Even Jackson and Sharpton? Oh man, this is like, epoch-making. Bottom rail on top dis time, as the chap said to President Lincoln.

Meditate for a moment on this carefully crafted expression:

If we all come to the table and we have a common goal of trying to solve a problem...
If indeed. But what if some of the people at the table are the problem? Like f'rinstance -- the CEO of a... real estate company?!

Oh well, leave it to the magic man. Meanwhile, kick back, revel in the general glow of changiness, and pay no attention to the news.


(*) You remember the rest:

"... We embrace people with the message that we're all in it together. Our leaders are infallible and there is nothing, absolutely nothing, wrong..."
-- the sinister Miles Drentell, memorable villain in the mostly forgettable TV show "Thirtysomething."

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