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Clintons: Build up this wall

By Michael J. Smith on Monday November 14, 2005 10:05 PM

Looking strangely at home in a scene of devastation, Hillary and Whatsisname took a photo-op at the hotel in Amman, Jordan, where al-Qaeda struck its latest blow. Rather tactlessly, or perhaps rather pointedly, they then went on to a West Bank settlement which has recently been made safe from the natives -- or so the settlers hope -- by a segment of Israel's Berlin-Wall-In-The-Sand.

You would think Hillary could no longer surprise me, but she does -- day after day after day. I'm always amazed when she runs true to form. Time to go back into analysis, I guess.

Yep, you guessed it -- the It Takes A Village girl had nothing but praise for Sharon's cattle-pen strategy. (Israel's wall is about four times as long as the Berlin Wall, by the way.)

"The primary responsibility of any government is to protect its citizens," she said. "That is the No. 1 priority. And after trying many things, it became necessary to pursue the security fence, and I understand that, and support it."

Were the ex-Arkansans thinking at all about the semiotics of the sequence -- sniveling over the bombing victims, and then, a few hours later, exulting in Israel's determination to rub Arab noses in the dirt? Was it just dumb, ugly-American ineptitude?

Well, maybe. But you know, I don't really think they're dumb. I think they must have known that the sequence would make a statement -- both abroad and at home.

How the statement would be heard abroad probably didn't concern them. These are not statesmen, or stateswomen, or a statescouple, or however you say it. In other words, they don't really worry much about America, or what may happen to Americans, or to the world -- in which Americans, like other nations, must live -- as a result of their little lap-dance for the Israel lobby.

No, they were thinking about sources of funding at home for the '08 election. And the little visual sermonette about the "victims of terror", combined with the usual Democrat blank check for Israel and whatever enormities it cooks up, sent a very clear message to the folks who really count.

Now I have a word for all you daily-Kosniks, and Deanites, and other starry-eyed dreamers who think the Democratic Party can be made a force for good: In 2008, this soulless monster will be your candidate -- she, or somebody even worse. Do you really, seriously, in your heart of hearts, doubt it? You know you don't. Well. You have three years between now and then. Do you want to spend them working vainly to reconstruct a party that will, in the end, present you with a Hillary vel sim. and ask to to go to your neighbors and explain, feebly, for the Nth time, that she isn't quite as bad as the other soulless monster?

You have, as far as we know, only one life. Three years, even if you're a young person, is not a small chunk of it. Can't you find some better way to spend your time?

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