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Wang is watching

By Owen Paine on Thursday November 17, 2005 11:43 AM

(Wang, who is away on secret business at an undisclosed secure location, texted the following from his cell phone, aided by his secretary Archy -- yes, a great-great-great-grandson of that Archy.)

  straying   donkeys of the house


cause im
only gonna  warn u once

                              IN TRACK DOWN MODE

    the hunt is on

any one of u pissants
  caught  aiding and abetting
  this himmlerian nonsense
                             called..... the patriot act

by whatever means  at all

by  votes or non votes

by log rolls or sweet rolls

be on guard
don't even touch that cops bible


i will  sniff u out

i will throw the klieg lights upon u

i will tack ur vile  squirrel's  hide

to the tallest cell tower in your district

is this clear enough???

if u  lift even the tinier of ur two  pinkies
to further the life of this   criminal  flash back

i will see to it u are destroyed

if u so much
as nod
in the direction
of these foul cookeries
these spurious
spectral menaces

i will find u out

and believe me
                u spongelike freaks
   before im done with u
         i will
make horns grow out of ur skull

  heed me

                          BE DAMNED

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