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Bizarro world

By Michael J. Smith on Saturday December 10, 2005 09:28 AM

America is a place where words have strange meanings. I opened my New York Times this morning to find Senator Joe Lieberman referred to as a "moderate". In the story, Joe was quoted as referring to the "terriby divisive state of our politics." The Times let this whopper pass without comment; one wonders how they would have reacted if Joe had said that two plus two equals five.

In other news, "Democracy for America", chaired by Howard Dean's brother Jim (Christ, isn't one enough?), has a plan for dealing with Bloody Joe, the Genghis Khan of Greenwich. They're going to... send him a letter, which you can sign online if you feel like getting your name on a list. The document is almost miraculously feeble; it calls on Joe to start "questioning President Bush's foreign policy."

Reading this story, between my belly laughs, I had an image of old Hrothgar's men, huddled in the mead hall at Heorot, surrounded by the disjecta membra of former colleagues, composing a letter to Grendel. Dear Mr. Grendel, we urge you to consider a change in diet. Our best wishes to your Mom. Sincerely, the Progressive Thanes of Geatland.

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