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By Michael J. Smith on Thursday December 22, 2005 03:50 PM

Rahm Emanuel, much and deservedly maligned on this site, was one of the 44 Democratic turncoats who voted for the red-blood and raw-meat House version of the Patriot Act, back on December 14. This is the version Bush wanted. He and Rahm and the 43 other Democratic snoopmeisters would have institutionalized and made permanent a regime of spying and surveillance that the old KGB could only dream of. (And they may yet, unless the Senate Democrats unexpectedly evolve a spine.)

Rahm, let it be remembered, runs a thing called the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), a slush fund for the national party to support the campaigns of nice safe Democrats like Rahm himself.

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Charles F. Munat:

I get a wave of nausea every time I see mention of the Democrats "getting a spine." Please! The Democrats have at least as much spine as the Republicans. Look at how brave they are standing up to their supposed base in order to serve their true constituents -- the corporate elite.

It takes real balls to vote for war and torture and spying on U.S. citizens and against health care and jobs and social services when these positions are diametrically opposed to those of the people who voted you into office. The Democrats are venal and mercenary and entirely corrupt, but they are not spineless.

No, the people without spines are the so-called "progressives" who continue to vote for Democratic candidates year after year, no matter how anti-progressive those candidates' views and actions have been. Hilary Clinton scoffs at the progressives and boldy and baldly serves the pro-war capitalists, and yet those same progressives will be bleating in 2008 that we absolutely must vote her into the presidency or face total ruin. So who is missing the spine?

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