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The Nan-ometer

By Owen Paine on Friday December 16, 2005 05:20 PM

Latest fudge-factory Nanogram on Iraq:
"There is no one Democratic voice... and there is no one Democratic position."
... and there will be no caucus vote and no use of the party whip. In fact, since Rahm Emanuel is holding the re-election purse strings, the antis are the ones most likely to feel the lash.

I say it with deep regret, since I find Nancy fantastically attractive, but she must be expunged. What is the matter with all you peace and love San Franciscans? How can you abide her willingness to sup so calmly with the worst devils in all of Tartarus?

There's your House Democratic party package -- Nan and Rahm. Why would anyone think it's an improvement for these electric eels to gain control of Congress?

To think this is the same Nan who, as whip, back in '02, rallied 126 Democratic house votes against the war authorization, right under pig-pants Gephardt's bristled snout! Now it's all too clear that was Nan doin' showbiz -- dancing to the local Frisco beat, a noble meaningless gesture, pure theatrics.

Come the Murtha moment -- come a real chance to kill the war -- the real Nan emerges, gladly setting places at the table for an Emanuel or a Harmon.

Frisco does not see Iraq like Nan, and Frisco needs to wake up and punish her. This dirty desert war is profoundly not a matter of "individual conscience".

Come next November vote your conscience, Frisco. Vote her out, in the primary if you can and the general election if you must.

PS: Nan, personally you are still my irresistible older woman.... but what sort of mind is this you live inside, Nan? A mind that can calmly claim war criminals are compadres, and call bloody hands okay as long as they happen to result from "a different set of personal values"?

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