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Bite Geryon in the leg

By Owen Paine on Thursday January 12, 2006 07:14 PM

Here's another in our occasional series, "do this instead (of working for a Democrat)."

When you get that gotta help, I gotta help the planet and its people urge, then instead of helping another jackass cross the road to public office -- instead of answering the call of the long-eared bray -- next time, how about a corporate rebranding campaign? One of those civic acts of public effigy burning aimed at a specific corporate bad guy.

There are dozens of these well-organized outfits out there, nailing the Cokes, the Walmarts, the Nikes and the Microsofts. Join one of them. It couldn't possibly be any less idle an exercise than voting for a Democrat, and you might even get the rare high of helping make a stock tumble over like Saddam's statue.

Not a joiner? Start one up yourself. Surely there's some company you really hate . It's a gas and a half and startups ...hey, they're the American way.

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