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Calling all moles

By Owen Paine on Saturday January 28, 2006 01:23 PM

We know you're out there -- or rather in there: you interns at Third Way, you junior staffers in Rahm Emanuel's money pit, you starry eyed young Democrats -- or old Democrats, for that matter -- revolted by what you've seen on the inside. Help us out, willya? We can watch the critter kick and bray, and make some shrewd guesses about what's ailing it -- but we need some of you moles on the inside to do some real reportage. Come on, email us and and dish the real dirt.

Question one : are any of Rahm's rangers as yet worried at all about a base rebellion next fall?

Have they noticed the possibility that a revulsion from this do-nothing approach might hit their zombie candidates so hard at the polls, come November, as to spoil all hopes for a return to majority status?

Has it occurred to anybody that the present "planned power off" strategy -- make no blunders, it's all down hill anyway, so let's coast -- won't hack it over all the humps out there up ahead? Has it crossed anybody's mind that the voters might want to hear something more than tut-tutting and insincere protestations of shock about corruption and spying -- that they might want to hear about the big positive beef-with-thick-gravy issues, like Iraq, one-payer health, high-wage jobs?

We know by deduction what's up -- nothing. But have they all drunk the Rahm and Hillary Kool-Aid? Or is there discontent in the ranks, kept out of the public eye by the masters of the campaign-money spigot?

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I've been looking at the websites of Democratic challengers to vulnerable Republicans and you can always instantly pick out the Rahm Emanuel recruits. Many are actual Republicans and almost NONE discuss any issues on their sites. They all support the middle-class and the troops. That's it. Rahm Emanuel engineered NAFTA in the 90s and it looks like he could be the only person who could engineer a Republican victory in 2006!



nice indeed

rahm is the very essence of all we here at "stop me"
wish to ....cast into outer darkness

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