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Max Baucus, Montana Metternich

By Michael J. Smith on Wednesday January 18, 2006 12:16 AM

I'm getting very fond of Max Baucus, senior Democrat on the Senate finance committee. He has a wonderful way of blurting out inconvenient truths about his party's actual attitudes. It's quite refreshing.

Following up on his earlier comments about job exportation -- "get used to it," was his advice -- he has now made clear what the rules of admission are to the nuclear club. At a time when bipartisan hysteria about Iran getting the bomb dominates the newspapers, Max has indicated that it's just fine for India to have one:

His approving remarks echoes comments of US senator and former Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry who last week backed the India-US nuclear deal, saying that it recognised India as a nuclear power.
Nonproliferation, it seems, is one of those doctrines that needs to be applied very selectively. Now let's see, from whose point of view is it a good thing for India to have the bomb?

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