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Together in perfect harmony: the dog's two heads

By Owen Paine on Thursday January 19, 2006 04:05 PM

Recently I logged a sprightly dismissal of Jane harman's 2 to 1 win last cycle as a no-sweat factoid, given the underlying district. I further argued that toppling her would be a slam dunk. But I sense some skepticism out there. So, for the record, here's how Orthrian dynamics really work.

Once one head's local operative gets into re-election trouble, then big Geryon's money flows in bountiful measure into the coffers of a seat contender from the other head.

Think this simple rule through and you'll see how well it works.

One result: if a seated head's agent is in a pickle (like us lefties could very easily put dear Jane in) -- once there's blood in the water, it's survival politics at its most naked. The incumbent's party, like a reef shark in a feeding frenzy, will devour its own creature, allowing it to be replaced by a flea from the hair of Orthrus' other head. (I know, mixed metaphor, but screw it, it's a goddam blog.)

Better to let the other team have a turn, than allow some upstarts to disrupt the machinery.

Of course, the weaker head can never be permitted to die out completely, because without a second head, the con is finished.

In this light, somebody ought to trace the tick-tock of the heads in the people's house since, say, the civil war.

Stay tuned.

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