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Waiting for Sharon

By Michael J. Smith on Saturday January 7, 2006 10:45 PM

Latest bulletin from the ample Sharon bedside:
"The key thing certainly politically is whether or not he is mentally incapacitated by these strokes. They will only know that when they bring him out of this induced coma and see what kind of reactions they see from him," CTV's Tom Kennedy reported from Jerusalem, where he is watching developments.
If he starts groping for his sidearm when he wakes up, we'll know he's OK. Watch from a safe distance, Tom.

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Uncle $cam:

Been checking out your site, I'm deeply intrigued. I have been doing the same as you over on kos, I sick of this left/right repub/dem straight jacket of true/false aristotelian logic. The only comment I have ever sucessfully had to get the point throught to the blind fucks is as follows:

I have watched this same game for three decades, back and forth. And "the people" are always on the losing end. This historical pendalium has given me vertigo.

Open systems are freqently capable of change and resist entropy. They can be said to practice creative self-destruction. open systems which is what we certainly haven't had in a long time, are neglected until the system breaks-down or discentagrates. Trying to change a system (like our political system) by changing its content is called First Order Change. In this case, people try to change what an individual element does, try to reorganize a specific organization, or change the people who work for an organization. These types of change alter only the look of the system, not its actual behavior. It is called "rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic." However you arrange the chairs, the ship will still sink.

Homeostasis is an unconscious process by which systems seek to maintain the status quote. All elements within the system interact to keep the system from changing. Any effort toward system change will result in homeostatic responses from within the system to block the change.Which is what I feel is the left/right Bush/Kerry us/them black/white repub/dem binary logic. Most system change strategies tend to fail because they do not address the interactions within the system. When a change effort fails, (which it has again and again)the most common response is to try the same (or the same type) of strategy again.A forever feed-back loop that stagnates and falls anyway.

To understand a system, study its content, to change a system study its context. I feel what the good intentions of the progresives and open minded people here at KOS and elsewhere seem to get caught up in is study of content and not it's context. How long must we play this lessor of two evils game? After the 06 elections people are still going to be saying "when we get back in power". Like they have done for thirty years. By the slim chance the dems do get back in power, WHAT THE FUCK WILL THEY INHERENT AFTER BUSH. I mean really?

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