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Dems green-light secret police

By Michael J. Smith on Thursday February 16, 2006 12:22 PM

So only one Democrat -- Byrd -- and the "Independent" Jeffords joined Feingold to vote against cutting off debate on the Patriot Act renewal. Of course the only chance to stop it was a filibuster, and the decisive rejection of a filibuster by the Senate Democrats amounts to a ringing endorsement of the Act and its bulldozer-like demolition of American liberties.

But of course come the actual, ceremonial vote on the Act, a lot of these Democrats will solemnly cast safely futile votes against it, and return to tell their constituents they tried to stop it.

Amazing that they can conduct this mummery, this mountebankery, this threadbare charade, with such straight, solemn faces.

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Feinstein on the Patriot Act renewal:

"Compromise and consensus require concessions and flexibility,"

A simoultaneous epitaph for both our civil liberties and the Democratic Party.


never fails to amaze me how few
really evil votes
any one dough face
must cast
when there's so much fellowship among
the incumbency party

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