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Fighting Democrat stops fighting

By Michael J. Smith on Friday February 17, 2006 11:53 AM

The Paul Hackett debacle has amused me immensely. Largely because -- and pardon the horn-tooting -- I called it, back in October.

I didn't really expect Hackett to fold quite so easily, though. If only Marines in Iraq were as unwilling to fight as Marines in Ohio.

I did a little scanning of Daily Kos and its various imitators around the Net afterwards. Very entertaining. What are those stages of grief -- denial, anger, something, something, acceptance? The Kosniks and their ilk get to acceptance very quickly. They've had a lot of practice, I guess.

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Once upon a time, Emanuel promised Hackett the moon and the stars so long as he kept to the 'we can fight the war better' line. Then, on evening, Hackett went on the democrat's echo-chamber radio Air America and iterated an anti-Iraq war position. And so it wasn't long before poor Paul was walking around with a shiv in his back.

The moral of the story...don't cross Rahm!


I thought it was probably the War Question that did it -- though I don't know the chronology as well as you do. Nice to have my hunch confirmed.

So the very reason the Kosniks were excited about Hackett was also the reason why their beloved party had to excommunicate him. These are people who seem doomed to deep unhappiness -- but a kind of dull, chronic, slow-motion unhappiness, a fever that never comes to a crisis and never breaks.


the paul hackett story might even get to be
a cable movie in twenty years or so
long after the facts will matter

and only if he tries to run as an independent
and is killled
in a frame up
drunken car crash

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