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By Owen Paine on Wednesday February 15, 2006 05:32 PM

JSP got so angry writing this one that archy had to transcribe it for him.

part three ...or is it four ???
in my series

"these too must die...."
-- figuratively speaking of course -- 

        all know it alls out there
        the prog-sphere

bring me the  formula
to shrink the head
tom lantos down to raisinette scale

tom tom ... tom

   u must find a way
                  to rid me
        of this cotton topped
              fried clay faced double dip
                aipac buzzbomb           

  he's everything
         the jack ass party needs
to  put the torch  to

he's worse than rickets

worse than joan rivers and bill moyers

freddie needs to come  thru his bedroom window

now prove me right here

surely you coastal sand and ice  devils
can figure a way
to shiver  his re election   base
into beatable pieces

-- how the hell does this guy stay in office -- 

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This howler is going up on the fridge, next to the Oatman AZ (speaking of donkeys!) postcard and the ticket stubs from the Unit 731 (Japanese thumbscrewers in occupied China) museum.

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