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Nice clothes, your Emperorship

By Owen Paine on Friday February 10, 2006 10:58 AM

The "war on terror" -- in particular, its domestic arm -- whether it's a war with existing terror cells, or simply against the entrance of terror cells, whatever the sam hell it is... this homeland war declared by boy emperor Mummy II is a big fat right-wing fraud.

Michael Moore knows it and you know it and I know it, and every single one of the capital hill gangs from K Street to Sesame Street knows it's a fraud too.

So why won't the donkey prog-wing, all 60 or so of 'em, say so, flat out loud in black and white at a press confrence?

"The domestic war on terror is a fraud. Bush and company ain't conducting one and by the way, folks, we don't need one." Period, full stop.

There is no war 'cause there is no domestic terror. The whole sick business -- the bomb scares, the maybe-might-be-could-be reactor attacks, the anthrax in our milk supply, the radiation showered from ill-flown crop dusters -- every one of 'em, utterly bogus. Take that one our young prez pushed a couple days ago. Imagine anyone blowing up a building in LA from... Jakarta!

These whoppers are no bettter than a series of high school pranks, pure Karl Rove, done for one reason only -- to scare Miss Peach and the girls.

Okay, so it's too much to ask that the progs actually do anything about it. But why can't even stand straight up here and for once at least grab a headline for the truth?

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