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Nominations solicited

By Owen Paine on Thursday February 23, 2006 02:52 PM

Okay so I gave three of my gang of four Democrats who have got to go: Jane Harman, Tom Lantos, Nick Israel. Now where's everybody else's list? C'mon. pony 'em up in a comment.


  • No more than four names per contributor
  • Must be incumbent House donks (or Rahm-picked challenger mules)
Help us out here. The Stop Me rogue's gallery needs some more faces.

PS -- No senators here, please -- send those big fish to Herr Smiff.

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J. Alva Scruggs:

I'm trying to get all scientific about this, but Open Secrets keeps timing out. I did find one so far who's pretty awful and looks vulnerable from the money, Brian Higgins, D-NY. His opponent had a near parity in fundraising and Higgins just tapped the jingo drum against Iran. 4 "Nay" votes on that one, by the way. Kucinich, McDermott, Paul (R) and Stark.

I'll dig up some more in a while.

Uncle $cam:
Uncle $cam:

I say boot em all, with exception to the Democratic Black Caucus.


Uncle, the *Black Commentator*, amongst others, has mercilessly excorciated several members of the Congressional Black Caucus for --amongst other things-- voting for that asinine "Bankruptcy Protection" B.S. last year. I'm pretty sure that at least some of them should be packed off, too.

Tim D.:

Yeah the Black Caucus is a joke. Let's not forget the hilarious incident when Nader was there delivering a speech on the dismal situation confronting blacks in the U.S. and had Melvin Watt scream at him "You're just another arrogant white man -- telling us what we can do* -- it’s all about your ego - another fucking arrogant white man." Haha, I guess he's not aware that Ralph Nader is Arab - the son of Lebanese immigrants (I actually read that he gave an interview with Al Jazeera in Arabic during the last election). But even funnier was when Sheila Jackson told reporters afterwards, "This is the most historic election of our lifetime, and it is a life or death matter for the vulnerable people we represent. For that reason, we can't sacrifice their vulnerability for the efforts being made by Mr. Nader."

Classic! If only some reporter had asked them what radical solutions Mnsr. Kerry had in his platform for ameliorating the plight of blacks. You know, John Kerry, who told his audience at a$25,000-a-plate breakfast, he wasn't "a redistribution Democrat."

Fortunately, Donna Warren, who sued the CIA and Department of Justice for their role in distributing crack in South Central LA back in 1998, wrote a pretty scathing letter to the CBC afterwards excoriating those (mostly) worthless, pusillanimous punks for their crass, sanctimonious attack.


black caucus
house cleaning
is none of my pink assed business

i'm leaving that to the likes of the black commmentator

i got my own fish to fry

J. Alva Scruggs:

Money correlates pretty strongly to victory in the races. It's not always a guarantee and there's more to say about that. Perhaps another time. I do think it's reasonable to consider it one factor in vulnerability. There are others, but for now, here is a list of some donks whose opponents were close to funding parity. I'll keep going back to the well. Maybe later on more criteria can applied. Big list first.

Linda Sanchez D-Calif
John Salazar D-Colo
Allen Boyd D-Fla
Jim Marshall D-GA
Melissa Bean D-IL


j alva:
we have a match

melissa bean is a finalist

paint her forehead
with a target cross


Oh, I didn't forget any of that, Tim D. (Nor did I forget the various attempts in '00 and '04 to guilt-monger Jewish voters over voting for [whisper:] an Arab-- Whiteness being something that can aparently be turned on or off depending on the niche market you want to beat back into line) It just seemed like shooting fish in a barrel.

J. Alva Scruggs:

Here's another donk in slightly different circumstances. Thomas Eldon Hayhurst and two other donks are hashing it out to see who gets to run against Mark Souder (R-Indiana). That race would be easy. I think the Dems in that one are running in order to lose anyway. Losing is still winning if you're running to feed party apparatchiks, toss some business to hangers-on and make contacts. Collect all those contributions, give a dreadfully sentimental concession speech to finish the demoralization and use the new contacts to secure a lobbying a job.


J. Alva Scruggs



J. Alva Scruggs:

This Ohio district is the last of the low hanging fruit. I need a better methodology.

I prefer free-range troublemaker to (ulp) commissar.

I'd like to nominate the four most odious of the Rahm-picked slate of "Fighting Dem" sockpuppets. All four have been dutifully vetted by internet ward-heeler Kos and pimped by the faux-liberals on the AAR echochamber.

And the envelope please...

~ Tammy "Lots of Local Support" Duckworth (IL-06 CD)

~ Tim "I prayed to find WMDs" Dunn (NC-08 CD)

~ Andrew "Send more troops!" Duck (MD-06 CD)

~ David "Hooray for Israel!" Ashe (VA-02 CD)



you are to take complete charge of these army mules


the first of the three ms
has a challenger who needs support
as to the rest....
its your range to trouble shoot

remember we gotta boil our list down eventually to a manageable 10 or 12

focus and destroy

joe mccarthy did that to two senatorial opponents in 1950

it made his rep

So many sockpuppets, so little time...

But Rahm may be helping whittle down the list a bit. He's already shivved Brian Lenz and Paul Hackett. No doubt there'll be more pogrom casualities as the Rahmster weeds the antiwar dems from his ugly rightwing garden.

Stay tuned!


Steny Hoyer [MD 5th] is the Joe Lieberman of the House. Can we dump him?


gylangirl :

right u are !!!!!

steny in one three piece suit
gives you all the reasons the donkeys nedd a whippin'

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