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Back here versus over there

By Owen Paine on Thursday March 30, 2006 06:18 PM

A key point of interest slides into view at the end of the Washpost article on the donk security plan.Seems in recent polling, the public has shown a strong preference for securing the homeland over taking the fight to the "enemy". In fact, lots of average folks are connecting the dots in a very un-Bushy way (and a very un-Rahmy way, a very un-Chucky way, a very un-Hillary-y way). They seem to think (with good reason) that the more we thrash around over there in East Sandonia, the less safe we are likely to become back here.

But of course, the hee haw gang are loyal fans of the greater humanist empire -- so forget any idea they might draw the party line right there where it would indeed be a real honest choice -- something like this:

"We are for security here at home -- they are for maximum penetration over there . You choose, America -- stick with the elephants and make the third world world safer for transnational adventures, and your own back yard tomorrow's walk-up bomb site -- or bring the troops all back home, forget gunpoint overseas profiteering, and make us poor liittle American weebles more safe and less sorry.

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Of course I agree (as I always do) . . . but I do have a question:

Given the fact that our military forces are trained to concentrate on "policing" and "killing"; given the fact that they have lowered their recruitment standards to now include criminals and the mentally ill; given the fact that greater than a third of combat veterans return to domestic life with severe mental illness, poorly treated and supported by the V.A., do we not need to be very careful here? Remember, these are all volunteers who joined the military to fight for a certain concept that does not exist. Many of them see folks like you and me as as much of an enemy as al Qaida. These ain't Swiss Army vets.

I don't want these folks "protecting" me back in the states unless I'm sure they've been thoroughly re-evaluated, retrained, and re-socialized. I honor their courage and dedication, but they scare the shit out of me.

Tim D:

I honestly do not see us getting out of Iraq short of a total revolt here at home, since I'm sure the political ruling class views a major civil war in the Middle East as a potential and real threat to the oil supplies on which our economy and imperial machine wholly depend. Our dependency on oil is rather frightening really, given the fact that everything we know and take for granted is based on a platform of cheap, abundant petroleum. If that platform were to collapse, the politicians know what would happen: economic depression and mass rioting.


hey dd
lets bring em home anyway

dangerous or not
their ours

so they poison
the social liver somewhat
"we" citizens
deserve at least
that amount of blow back ?

their bucket of blood and beer type shenanigans
will be
a thousand points of light ...."

the message:

here sprawls
the result
one low life
in the imperial
fast lane


I'm tempted to be cynical and say that they can always find suitable jobs in the booming incarceration sector. But that would be far too flippant.

One way or another they're coming home anyway, and the longer they spend "over there", and the more of 'em spend time "over there", the worse off we'll be -- no?


on second thought dd

i better change my stance some

see the real me
kinda likes
the sort
of preterated soul
drawn from the back desks
of high school
and pap's
drunken bombast
to a stretch in the armed services

exhibit A :
that legendary
civil libertarian
larry flynt

not all killers
wanna be cops

some have a fine robin hood
outlaw streak

sure enough
the american legion
is a petty
corporate goon squad

but my bet

those legion boys
with the french fry hats
were the mp's
in baden baden
and the carolina
boot camp
under-ware distributors
not the actual
e3 grunts from
hell patrol 13

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