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Jeez, Louise

By Owen Paine on Wednesday March 22, 2006 10:53 PM

The honorable Louise Slaughter -- East Kentucky born, Dolly Parton voiced -- US representaive from New York CD 28, union tout, 10-termer and prog caucus stalwart -- recently released a "minority" report on the state of the people's house, otherwise known as the Lobby Occupied Congress -- or as the K-streeters familiarly call it among themselves, the "LOC ".

Need I say it -- this cry in the wilderness typifies the hideous donk hobble down there. According to Louise and company, the lobby problem is -- you guessed it -- a problem that mysteriously affects only Republicans. So the anti-lobby report, perversely, is a testament to the lobbies' power. K Street has spooked the Orthrian goo-goos like Louise into muted partisan barking.

If dear Louise had her druthers, one hopes she'd give off with a bipartisan blast -- "away, all lobby cravens, away." But nope, she stays in party harness.

I know she's got a heart and a mind. Louise, awake! Lay a lobby or two at old Rahm's door, why don't you? He may be one of your party, but he'll never hear a word you say otherwise.

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If Capitol Hill is the Lobbyist Occupied Congress, shouldn't the White House be the Moron Occupied Oval Office?

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