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Major fraud and minor folly

By Owen Paine on Tuesday March 28, 2006 02:35 PM

Here's two bits from the Washington Post. First the minor folly :
In California, poet Kevin Hearle, an impeachment supporter, is challenging liberal Rep. Tom Lantos -- who opposes impeachment -- in the Democratic primary in June.
A poet for impeachment, eh? And jousting Lantos in the party primary... no comment.

Now the major fraud, from the same article:

Impeachment is an outlet for anger and frustration, which I share, but politics ain't therapy,"
That's my friend Rep. Barney Frank, talking like a hard bitten real politico. Barney "declined to sign the Conyers resolution." And why?
Bush would much rather debate impeachment than the disastrous war in Iraq.
The effrontery of this safe seat libber hiding behind this crap line. Come on, Barney. Your position for or against impeachment amounts to no more then a fart in a wind storm as far as the Democrats' prospects in November are concerned. So what has really piped you down? Who persuaded you to play along?

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Do they really need to be convinced, especially somebody like Frank, whose been the House for more than twenty years? I think they've internalized the bullshit, the fecklessness, the opportunism; they really believe the crap they spew and don't need to be nudged in the right direction, because they already know what they're supposed to do.

If the Dems were just scared opportunists, they might be saved. But as far as I can tell, they're true believers, and that's why there's no hope for them.


"as far as I can tell, they're true believers, and that's why there's no hope for them."

ah the complex mind
spot lite seeker

Lantos also, we might add, has been one of the biggest cheerleaders for the war in Iraq, and one of Hugo Chavez's biggest critics. 'Nuff said.

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