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O candid reader...

By Michael J. Smith on Thursday April 13, 2006 01:49 PM

... we appeal to you for help. No, we're not asking for money, but the mill needs grist. Drop us an email at mjs@smithbowen.net when you see something we should be blogging about -- a news item, a brilliant or foolish essay on some other site or publication. A blog is an insatiable, ravening beast, and it must be fed.

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J. Alva Scruggs:

You might be able to do something with this Newsday story. It features St. Hillary and one Suri Harris who, unless there are lots of Suri Harrises in NYC, was a Bush donor in the last election.

The other day, I was stuffing envelopes for a local Council candidate. I was chatting with the other stuffers, mostly Greens. One of them told me, point-blank, that you'll never see any prominent Prog. bolt the DP because --I swear to you-- "They can't afford to lose their mailing lists."

Honestly. There is no way I could make that up. It's what he said.

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