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Rock and a hard place

By Owen Paine on Thursday April 27, 2006 06:41 PM

Hey, this raging oil price and profit fire just won't go out by itself. Check Our Lady today:
Second Thoughts in Congress on Oil Tax Breaks

WASHINGTON, April 26 - As anxiety spread in Congress on Wednesday over soaring oil prices, lawmakers in both parties said they were ready to take a tough look at oil and gas incentives they passed as recently as eight months ago.

The gimmick: maybe if our elected representatives spray it with a little bipartisan Congressional ghost piss, it'll simmer down some.

Yup -- both houses, both parties are going into takeback mode: and why not? Now that its clearly too late for anything beyond too little, suddenly the lot of 'em are wild for barber-chairing the big-energy boys. And to think -- all this war-dancing just a session or two after a series of shameless special love-nest tax cuts and sugar-daddy type public fork-overs. Bipartisan fork-overs, of course.

* * *

God love the best of the elephants, but aren't they still trying to slip big oil some more tarts, even as the nation stands as one and cries "cut their balls off!" Yes indeed -- in the name of all that's bravely indecent, these legendary diehards are still trying for greater dereg and wider lease-out. Even now -- even as part of its own pretend opposite -- like a kazoo among the Strauss strings.

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