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Surprise me

By Michael J. Smith on Tuesday April 25, 2006 05:45 PM

ddjango writes, a little cryptically:
Methinks the October surprise will be surprising, but will not be in October.
Maybe we should start a pool. What will the Administration do between now and November to take what little wind there is out of the Democrats' shabby, patched, frayed and mildew-stained sails? And when will they do it?

Let's see, what are the options --

  1. Produce the head of Osama bin Laden (without the rest of him, I mean)
  2. Nuke Iran
  3. Nuke Manhattan and blame Osama
  4. Subsidize gasoline
  5. Indict Hillary Clinton -- for something -- anything! (Please let it be this one!)
C'mon gang, let's have some more suggestions here.

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J. Alva Scruggs:

Another round of anthrax letters, this time in August, followed by a tax cut, right after school starts up again in Scarsdale.

6. Use Avian Flu as an excuse to place the entire country under official martial law.

7. Round up everyone who even looks Hispanic-- unless they can produce a card that clearly shows them to be a- Anti-Castro Cubans and/or b- Card-carrying GOP members.

8. Conduct their own telethon/FOX reality show in which affluent GOP power couples can vie to adopt Zell Miller and Joe Lieberman.

9. Officially crown Rupert Murdoch Homeland Minister of Information.

10. All of the above.

js paine:

white house :

two quickie Ds

two alopements
a double

george and dick

dick's wife
and saddam

That's easy. It'll be a one-two punch strategery that's sure to win in the Nov. general.

First, the Chimperor's Saudi friends will increase production, thus lowering the price of gasoline to the relief of SUV drivers everywhere.

Then comes the master stroke. It will be revealed that Howard Dean has hired Moe Howard, Howard Cosell and Howard the Duck to "re-imagine" the democrats "brand."
People will be so repulsed by so many Howards that they'll flock to the republican party and WHAMMO! 37 seat gain in the house and 14 in the senate. It's a dead-lock cert.

Alan has spent too much time in Hollywood... ;)

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