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The gatekeepers crash

By Owen Paine on Wednesday April 12, 2006 01:24 PM

The panic on the right over the House immigration rectification bill, with its odious cleansing thru criminalization provision, obviously expresses the very human shock-and-awe flight instinct at the incredible size, strength, and fury of the demonstrations that the recent press release of their final solution has provoked.

But hey, it's a bipartisan stampede we got here, as both leaderships try to put as much distance as possible between their parties and this once and future El Supremo wedge issue.

Why future?

We haven't seen the end of this by a long shot. The Latino "invasion" of the sun belt will play well to nativists, once the now fleeing bad boys stop running like jackrabbits, regroup and pound away at this Kosovo-type issue.

But that's not today, and my guess is, not even next November. For now, let's all delight in this rout. Let the electorate savor the taste of a Republican house majority that would wish nothing more out of life then to round up all the 12 million undocumented immigrants and throw 'em into concentration camps -- and there they are, these creeps, in blind flight. Yup, the vicious clowns have totally lost their nerve.

But so have 36 pairs of long ears too -- donks who supported the bill full force. And they're long ears of many colors too -- as in the likes of would-be senator Harold Ford, man of La Raza John Salazar, and dirty old Ted Strickland.

But there's even more and better donkey manure here: today's Washington Post tells us:

... it was the deft maneuvering of Democrats that preserved the bill's most infamous provision, declaring illegal immigrants felons... [that provision] has helped turn the bill into a political albatross for... Republicans.
Yep, the Post thinks the donks hung one on 'em. After the red meat bill hit the floor 190 partisan Iago-like dems saw to it the hideous felony provision stuck to that bill like Jerry Lewis to Labor Day, voting effectively to knock down a softening amendment offered by the bill's Repub authors. Talk about playing "inside baseball" -- here's a nice "sez it all" quote, from Repub rep Tom Price:
We're victims of our own success.

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