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Voter remorse

By Michael J. Smith on Sunday April 23, 2006 07:51 PM

Alan Smithee reports:

Those wacky Canuck pollsters have emerged once again from their Dilbert covered cubicles with this report on buyers remorse. To wit:

Kerry Would Defeat Bush in New U.S. Election

April 22, 2006

(Angus Reid Global Scan) - The outcome of the 2004 United States presidential election would be different if a new ballot took place this year, according to a poll by Bloomberg and the Los Angeles Times. 47 per cent of respondents would vote for Democrat John Kerry, while 40 per cent would support Republican George W. Bush....

Polling Data

Regardless of how you may have voted in the presidential election in November 2004, knowing what you know today, would you vote for George W. Bush or John Kerry if the presidential election was being held today?

  • John Kerry (D) 47%
  • George W. Bush (R) 40%
  • Someone else 6%
  • Would not vote 4%
  • Don't know 3%
What to make of this? Given the accuracy of the average poll, probably not much. But I have to wonder, however briefly, at the motives behind commissioning such a passive-aggressive poll. Was it an "I told ya so!" sort of thing or did they just need an item for "News of the Weird"? Perhaps only their Personal Life Coaches know for sure.

The Invisible Hand of Alan Smithee

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this poll bugs me

cause i can't tell where the remorse bush votes w migrated to

the implication
its kerry
may be very poor

after all he's at 47

maybe he's held more or less steady
after all how can you regret
a losing vote when
the guy you didn't vote for
the winner
shits his trousers


Someone else is a 6%? Didn't all the collective Someone Elses get 1% in the actual election? There seems to be quite an opening here...

Jim, I keep running into people who say they now regret voting for Kerry and not the Someone Else. That's the whole trouble. When push comes to shove, they will, as a whole, go with the Democrat in haste, and repent in leisure once it's all over.

If you can think of some magic charm that would get through to these people when it really counted, perhaps you should be running. ;)

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