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Crack! -- and it's outta here

By Owen Paine on Thursday May 18, 2006 12:03 PM

Arianna Huffington really puts the beechwood bat to old St Hill's jug head -- I mean, wow!

First she marches past our eyes the best tally of notre dame's taundry cravenisms, then calls her brain emptier than a dead man's bladder -- a perfect, Medea-like exercise in Hellenic fury. What a mauling!

And as a final act of contempt, Miz A. compares the Golemess to the latest Hollywood thriller -- most unfavorably.

Why, I've not seen one powerful lady kick another powerful lady's head so far since Maureen Dowd put the shoe leather to Pinch's girl friend Judith Miller on her first day out of jail.

Then again, one needs to carefully consider the booted object. I know of no human head rounder nor more dimpled than Ms Clinton's -- not even Ted Koppel's. So hey, when properly kicked, dead center, with a solid stance and good follow-through -- zoom!

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To which party has Arianna attached herself this year? Can't remember...

So Hilary is Dr. Bunsen Honeydew ? Inevitably, that would make Kerry into Beaker. Fuck, I'm old.

Alan, these are the good old days. Plenty of time as the next two elections loom for us all to cringe and scowl once again as all the good big-names like Huffington and Moore start piously whacking Green/Indy knuckles again. Mix yourself a mojito or something less irritatingly trendy and savor the relative quiet while you can...

J. Alva Scruggs:

Citing them in support of something more positive than the hackneyed lesser evilism to which they'll return could embarrass them a little, maybe. Or maybe not. But's it's still, regardless of what she does next, a nice summary of the Senator's awfulness.

Yeah, yer right alsis. Just gettin' ahead of myself. I'll give Zaza...er...Arianna a pass for now.

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