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From Andrew Jackson to Jesse Jackson

By Owen Paine on Monday May 15, 2006 12:12 PM

This may not go down well here at "Die, donk, die!" central -- but as the house Dem I venture this question for you wolves to rip to shreds:

The Jesse Jackson thing....

His brief moment say from '84 to '88: what if anything can we learn from reviewing this tale?

I've braced myself so fire away.

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JoAnn Wypejewski had an interesting piece about Jackson in Counterpunch's Dime's Worth of Difference. She's not a proponent of 3rd Parties, however, so make of that what you will. The Black Commentator's home page will also give some good stuff. Just type his name into their search engine.


thanx u two but where's the beef
don't just let others throw the creme pies

my thought was a simple one

review the two option avenues
third parties of the left

the nader green thang

and the two semi real
internal eruptions

jacksons one and two

down goes jackson down goes jackson

and the brown
outside the box moment

ya ya i know

the two leads
fused and had a bad marriage with a mermaid

J. Alva Scruggs:

I think Jackson might have been more effective if he hadn't already become the face of commercializing what was left of the older civil rights movement. He was doing well by doing good, and the aroma couldn't be smothered. I saw him afar, and through another's eyes at that, but it looked like show biz (no offense to Alan Smithee) and feel-good made for television.

I think that the folks running the DP don't want some Black guy to be President. They had enough on Jackson to keep him in line should he ever get any funny ideas about walking out. And anybody in the DP who dreams of bringing back the heyday of the Rainbow Coalition has both Jackson and Nader around to serve as examples of what will happen to them if they don't stay in the corner where they belong-- at least where they belong three years out of four. >:

But you should still read that other stuff, jsp. Those folks are more nuanced than I, and Wypejewski was actually there when it happened.

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