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Kateau, you fewl!

By Owen Paine on Wednesday May 17, 2006 10:51 AM

I cringe with fear and loathing at astute comparisons between our republic and that damn old Roman one -- the inventors of structural concrete, the bust shot, and proletarian loafing. It's because I simply can't bear to think we'll end as they did, in empire and dictatorship.

But look about us -- a unitary presidency with a lap congress and a star-chamber judiciary -- exactly how much more do we need? Aren't these not just the signs but the very substance of what ole marse Jeff most feared? Aren't we, ah... there, gang? The rest is formalities ...right ??

So it's only natural we have the Cato Institute stepping forward to warn us, with a recent publication: Power Surge : the Consitutional Record of George W Bush.

Could a finer source be found to decry the Empire than this outfit -- possibly the most wonderfully named of all the wildly grave and grandiose buffooneries we collect under the label "Washington think tank."

You've got to read this piece -- all I can think of that might have improved it would have been to release it simultaneously in English and Latin.

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I'm working on the translation now . A lot of it sounds like Cicero already, and I don't mean that as a compliment.

Are you kidding ? I love those guys. I couldn't live without their local crusades against mass transit. How else is a person as square as I going to feel like a depraved culture outlaw on par with an Oliver Stone heroine-- without Cato around to imply that hopping on the number 8 bus twice a day is a sin barely one step removed from butchering and roasting puppies while high on rum and cocaine ?


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