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Lucy holds football for Charlie Brown

By Michael J. Smith on Wednesday May 24, 2006 04:52 PM

Some Kosnik is waxing enthusiastic about Hillary Clinton's recent speech on energy policy to the National Press Club, which contained all the usual Wonkus Maximus blather about feebates and sequestration.

She got one specific, real-world question about something she could do now, and she dodged it:

QUESTION: Regarding fuel economy standards, do you favor making SUVs follow the same CAFE standards as passenger cars? And do you support Congressman Boehlert's bill to raise the CAFE standards to 33 miles per gallon for all vehicles?

CLINTON: Well, I have the greatest respect for Congressman Boehlert. We're going to miss him when he retires at the end of this year. He has studied this issue, and he comes down sort of in the middle of where a lot of people are. Some want to go to a higher MPG; others not so ambitious.

I think we can stage this in a way that is not disruptive to the economy, and by giving the right incentives and support to the car companies, manage this over the next 10 to 15 years.

The poor Kos diarist, of course, greeted this classic Clintonian performance as if it were the Second Coming. I was pleased, however, to see that most of the Kosnik comments on the diary declined to share the diarist's Candide-like optimism. These folks aren't all fools by any means. Now if they could just get over the Democratic Party....

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The Kozzie's rejection of HRC, such as it is, has more to do with sexism than any real objection to her bullshit. You know this is the case because whomever they end up crowning king will spout the same crap she does. Bank on it.

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