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McGovern: a very tame wild man

By Owen Paine on Tuesday May 23, 2006 10:46 PM

Remember George McGovern -- the Democratic presidential nominee in '72 -- still the raw-head-and-bloody-bones horrible example of what can happen when the "left" gets control of the party?

George is still alive, at least as much as he ever was, and recently penned an op-ed in the LA Times. George may be very big on acid, abortion and amnesty, but he's no friend of labor. Maybe labor always knew that.

George thinks "more" is not the answer for wage earners here in America -- times have changed. Globality and all that leads this ex-bomber pilot, ex come-home-America candidate to proclaim

I believe we should allow businesses to pay employees based on their skill level. I also believe we should supplement the wages of those who earn the least.
Out of whose pocket, George? But George has the answer -- sorta:
Another way to benefit workers financially is the earned income tax credit.
Talk about convergence -- the Leon Trotsky of the Democratic party promoting the sop DLCer Clinton threw at the bottom-enders, in lieu of a middle class tax cut.

According to the ex-senator from Mount Rushmore, this approach

has the virtue of being supported by a progressive tax system.
His parting words to us before he rides back to that warren in the prarie where he's communing with the big sky gophers:
Liberals must never abandon their core principles of justice and equality. But union leaders who still see American businesses as the enemy must update that vision.
"Update that vision." Wow. And this is the wild-eyed sans-culotte.

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J. Alva Scruggs:

Here are some goodies about another friend to the sky gophers, Tom Daschle.

Testing the waters


Deploring incivility, handicapping the elections.

McGovern during the '72 campaign was savaged by his opponents for his "$1000 plan" that would have given $1000 to every single American, to be taxed as income according to a progressive taxation system. Interesting to compare that to what he is proposing now.


haikuist :

what i wonder at is
his ilk's
crashing into
the catch 22
of private profit max

u'd think
the hideous
of the welfare state they'd stay home

but no

even if he's now
just a cloud
of yellowing bones

he's still dancing
trying to attract
that fine lookin stewardess over there

thats core values for ya

fit only
for the archeologist's
assembly table
and still he's
trying to row to sweden

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