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Odi et amo

By Michael J. Smith on Friday May 19, 2006 02:27 PM

Jan Frel on Alternet notes:
The wider public .... clearly aren't buying "John Kerry" or "Al Gore" at this point. A recent New York Times poll has both of them ranking below the worst president in history. Kerry is at 26 percent, and former vice president and presidential candidate Gore is at 28 percent. George W. Bush is pulling in at 31 percent.
And Jan understands why; he quotes Matt Taibbi:
The Democrats … don't want to be anything other than better caretakers.... They don't try to imagine a fundamentally better world, because they actually believe that there isn't one. They're buffoons straight out of Voltaire, running on a platform of "Our mild improvements to this best of all possible worlds."
But here's the conclusion:
All this said, I still want to be pragmatic. And remember, I expect to remain a Democratic Party cheerleader. I know it will be good if there's a Democratic House majority decided on the eve of this Nov. 2, even if it's clear they don't have the capacity to do more than whisper in the graveyard. Because even a President Hillary Clinton still could mean health care -- for millions who don't have it.
*Throws up hands in despair* What's the matter with these people? Can't Jan see that the lousy state of the Democratic party, which he grouses about at such length, is his fault and the fault of people like him -- people who don't like their party and don't believe it what it's doing, but who won't leave it?

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People like Frel are beneath contempt. They don't have the requisite spine to challange their party's leadership, yet when an alternative is offered they whine "But so-and-so can't wiiiiin" as they pull the lever for a Lieberman or a Clinton.

The Frels of the world are too comfortable with the table scraps their masters throw them. He'll wish and hope and pray for universal healthcare, but he'll settle for 5% off aspirin. Screw him. He's not worth the salt of which he's made.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who think this way, people who condemn the Democrats in one breath and then admit that they vote for the Democrats in the next. Marc Cooper wrote a devastating account of the California Democratic Convention in LA Weekly (http://www.laweekly.com/news/news/party-pains/13437/). It was an account that slammed the Democrats for being corporate toadies and which mocked the liberal drones who attended the convention for expecting something progressive from the party. And yet, Cooper himself endorsed the ABB philosophy in 2004 and supported Kerry. Go figure.

Oh--here I am. I did a search for my name on technorati and found you. I can't tell you how deeply disillusioned I am with the political system.

It looks as if my article was made for a site like yours. I pray that I don't have to consider whether Hillary Clinton should be pres. I picked her because she epitomizes the worst, most craven qualities of the Democratic Party. If she's the best presidential candidate, I'll support her. I guess that's all I was trying to say.

js paine:

fear of losing
will quickly turn to fear of winning
when his donk kongress
far from restoring the damaged limbs of state
rolls forward
a partisan series
of show trials

t'will get darker before the dawn


Jan -- Thanks for your comment, but I must tell you, in the most fraternal and comradely way, that you vex me greatly. Can you not see that this unwillingness to dissociate from the likes of Hillary actually contributes to her malfeasance? There's no downside for her in warmongering and globalizing and all her other wicked -ings, as long as she knows she's got you and well-meaning people like you in the bag. It's a case of being, not just a patsy, but an accomplice.

Tim D:

I think most of them know what would happen if they were to defect or even publicly entertain the notion of defecting: furious denunciations followed by ostracism. Plus he realizes that few people would take him seriously if he were to become a third party booster and thus lose whatever precious audience he has.

Being part of the Democratic Party is like being part of a popular club or clique. Sure they are superficial, venal, deceitful and even sociopathic at times, but without them, you would just sit home alone...bored and lonely.

js paine:

wasn't it the frel that
were destryed by monsters from the id ???

whats to fear in a series of repblican land slides

look how they've f ed themselves in 12 short years and only 6 with full federal powers

hell they're on the verge of a rupture

next we'll be told
vote in donks so the repubs can go into opposition long enough to reharness their yahoos

i detact some
senseless fear here

face it
politics is about braking legs
not binding them

so fear of what pray tell ????

surely you can't believe

going on and on like this

saves lives by keeping
this orthrian cha cha going

lets get to the cataract
as fast as we can gang
shortest way
is elephant express

J. Alva Scruggs:
Being part of the Democratic Party is like being part of a popular club or clique. Sure they are superficial, venal, deceitful and even sociopathic at times, but without them, you would just sit home alone...bored and lonely.

Ho, ho! That's what it is exactly, with an initiation process that's about as degrading as it gets and Rahm standing at the door saying, "him, her, him, not him, not her -- ever -- and yes, her, but maybe in half hour".


I'm actually beginning to get vaguely excited about electoral politics. Everyone I know is talking about how useless both parties are, and maybe, just maybe, they mean it this time.

I don't think this is a 2006 rain, of a few war democrats and corrupt republicans getting ousted. If anything, it's a 2008 storm. A few more years, the circus of a presidential election - Hillary against Jeb may mean big time third-party action. But which party? Who? On a pet issue like immigration or health care, as the pollsters say?

I've heard repeatedly that the reason poor conservative folks are routinely persuaded to vote against, say, progressive taxation is because they simply can't let go of the thought that the next Powerball ticket could be THE ONE. Of course, the dishwashers and minor-league pencil-pushers must worship and succor the robber barons, because the delusion that each of us could join their ranks aaaany minute defines their existence. Without this inane hope, they would have to start over again with a new set of values and priorities. They would have to look at the class they're in as the class they belong to and should feel kinship with-- no more pretending to be an accidental tourist.

And they can't bear that thought.

The sad truth, though, is the so-called pwogs who hate the Demos and can't let go of them are doing exactly the same thing. They're better at lying about it, but nothing else really explains this madness. It's nothing but self-loathing with a slightly more cultured smiley-face tacked to it than you'd find in some supposed Red-state stronghold. It is, as Smith says, vexing.

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