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Pinocchio: "Real boy this time"

By Michael J. Smith on Monday May 8, 2006 09:14 AM

Another fine Smitheegram:

Is The Wall Street Journal trying to compete with Takashi Miike and Chan-wook Park for the title of Modern Master of Horror? Hearken to this nightmare senario:


Al Gore Might Yet Join 2008 Contenders

Former Vice President Keeps Mum As His Movie Sparks Talk of a White House Run


First there was Clinton-Gore. Could Clinton vs. Gore be next?

For former Vice President Al Gore, a rash of favorable publicity surrounding this month's opening of his movie "An Inconvenient Truth," and the growing political resonance of its subject -- global warming -- are stoking the most serious speculation about a Gore political comeback since his loss in the 2000 U.S. presidential election.


Apparently not content with causing the Evildum/Evildee 2000 debacle; certain democretins have slapped a new coat of paint on Al Gore and are trying to pass him off as the New Model Democrat before the shellack is even dry. Do they really think we're going to vote for this Beltway Android just because he produced an agitprop pic? Sheesh!

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I need to stay off liberal blogs, actually. I swear, the next time I hear some normally high-functioning Dem babbling about Al like he's the Second Coming, I'm going to cut my monitor in half with a chainsaw. >:

Brian Miller:

Gag me.

Al as the saviour? How could he be-we are going to be saved by Saint Hillary! Get with the Program, DLC drones!



why the gore reanimator spook...?????

no reason

none at all

just another belt way
hand job play acting figment

hey they be jades
down there

and so they gotta
make it up
to keep it up

no one dares
let Al
know he's pure
wet run way matter

of course not

he'd feel ...used

Posted by: alsis39.9 | May 8, 2006 12:34 PM

Bwa! :-) If this blog had sigs, I'd have nabbed this comment for mine.

Tim D:

Right...Gore made a movie about global warming. This from a guy who was part of an administration that did nothing to lobby Congress to ratify the very modest (and pretty much worthless) Kyoto Protocol.

Let us never forget that the 2000 election was between Bush and a guy who, at the behest of his pharmaceutical company patrons, threatened sanctions against South Africa if it went ahead with using generic AIDS drugs to try to stem the rising tide of that horrible disease there.

Alan, promise me a role as an extra in your next film, and you can have it for any and all future sig lines, gratis. ;)

It's a deal, alsis! Right now we're casting the Meatballs remake. I'll have my people call your people.

Finally got 'em to green-light the musical version, eh ? Smithee, you dog !!

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