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Pledging allegiance

By Michael J. Smith on Thursday May 4, 2006 09:14 AM

From Ha-Aretz:
At the AJC annual convention today, I heard a couple of people talk about the issue of the Iranian nuclear program and most of it was fairly reassuring. Representatives from both Left and Right promised the audience that the threat will not be ignored. Not by a Republican administration - as was emphasized by Senator Gordon Smith of Oregon - nor by a Democratic one, as Senator Barack Obama of Illinois and Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean promised in terms not at all different from those used by Bush, Cheney and Rice.

And Dean - wearing the badge of a leftist Democrat - was actually the one going into details in regard to Iran - Making the more forceful argument. The crowed demanded it from him in the short session of questions and answers. But even before that it was clear that he was coming with a decision that?s been made in advance: He was not going to leave any room for doubt or interpretation on this issue.

Comment seems superfluous.

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Dean = leftist??? In relation to who? Attila the Hun?

Ascribing *any* position on *any* issue to Howard the Donk is a dangerous proposition. His antiwar-prowar-antiwar gymnastics might garner an 8 from the Russian judge, but it scores no points with me.

Dean was never an antiwar politician. When Dean was running for President, he came out for strong action against North Korea, so I suppose one could argue that his position on Iran is consistent with that.

I have to say that it really is annoying when people like Dean get called "leftist". People like Dean give "leftists" a bad name, and when this kind of labeling gets tossed around in the press, the public gets a huge misconception of what it really means to be a leftist.


i thought stalin
was the guy who gave leftists
a bad name

J. Alva Scruggs:

I find it helpful to think of the professional donks' ideological inclination as a stubby, vestigial tail. They're not quite sure whether surgery or tailoring is the answer, but they all agree that the sessions with Dr. Moreau were money well spent.


"how dare you mention my tail
we've hardly met "
st hill to mt zion

ah jas to have mentioned

dear dear doc moreau

he be so very close to my heart

turning animals into humans as a metaphor for civilization and its presumptions

the house of pain
the factory that not only produces cheap goods
but wagelings too

i prefer wells here
even to blake's
turning humans
back into animals

whats the line :

one law for the bull
and the ox is tyrany

or was it
one recipe
for both lions
and ox tail soup
tastes like shit

Yeah, and besides, I'm not voting for anyone who subjects me to Tom Petty AND Bruce Springsteen half a dozen times while I'm waiting for them to deliver their tepid, overlong stump speech. Blecch.

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