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Sowing the wind

By Owen Paine on Saturday May 13, 2006 11:49 AM

Mid-90's DLC-think, in a nutshell:

Indulge the white helots' cultural tics -- entertain 'em with executions, tossing black women off welfare, rounding up undocumented immigrants -- lots and lots of police theater.


'Cause a hot circus is cheaper than increasing their bread ration. Hence economic populism falls off the menu -- a loser, class-war dead end -- and the pogrom-du-jour becomes the palladium of both parties.

Then the press and lib elite wonder how we got all this way to Dick Cheney -- flying kids' limbs in Baghdad -- and data-mining Mom's phone list.

Of course they don't have to wonder for long; clearly the problem is that the people are just no damn good.

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what bread ration you ask??

well not that i'm mister
welfare dole but

check these stats
on fed social spending

"In 1992 it was $284 billion (in constant 2000 dollars). For fiscal year 1995, still reflecting Democratic control of the Congress, it was only $302 billion -- a two-year increase of $18 billion.

By 2000, it was still only $320 billion.


by contrast

George W. Bush by 2004 had added about $420 billion
who's got the bigger
compassion stick

bill opr georgie ????

J. Alva Scruggs:

I like this post very much. It says everything so clearly.

J. Alva Scruggs:

Here's something you might be able to use, a long, somewhat painful, exegesis on the Summers/Harvard debacle. They still can't bring themselves to say he was a crank celebrity economist, with a dubious track record prior to his elevation, who indulged himself with crackpot social theories. The mean old left wing perfessers drove him out.

I happen to agree that Harvard could use some of the Summers magic. There's no reason to doubt the ability of administrators from other countries, some of whom could do the jobs much more efficiently and, it must be said, at some savings to the trustees. With broadband communications being so nifty and all, they wouldn't even need to go through visa hassles.

The economics department is set up for the best of all possible experiments. Let the students determine the free market value of the teaching. The trained observers and thinkers in the faculty could have the benefit of working model, in which they are participants! When the rubber hits the road, that's when you start to realize the efficiencies. I'll bet more than a few will gain some appreciation of what externalities are all about.

Ya know, if we could just get rid of those damn people...why, everything would be right as rain!

Yeah, we knew the people were no damn good in '99 when they dared to march in Seattle on Clinton I's watch. Those ingrates !! Didn't they understand how good they had it ? Somebody should make them apologize !!!

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