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The meek, mild-mannered Democrat is really...

By Owen Paine on Tuesday May 2, 2006 11:18 AM

According to my personal idol of the moment, Amy Sullivan, the conventional wisdom on the donkery-do is all wrong.

Amy's clips a few fourth-estate samples:

"For Democrats, Many Verses, but No Chorus"

"Democratic candidates for Congress are reading from a stack of different scripts these days"

"Scattershot messages reflect splits within the party"

"Democrats Struggle to Seize Opportunity"

Not so, says Amy. Far from being led by Jacob Weisberg's "Three Stooges" (Dean, Pelosi, and Reid ) -- far from being "lame, feckless, timid, and hopelessly divided, with no ideas, no vision, no message, and no future" -- far from being Jon Stewart's party of "Ewoks" -- the congressional donk cadre are actually buff, cut, and ready for a midnight rut. Finally, they've got the hang of being an opposition party. Instead of playing Charlie Brown to the Repubs' Lucy, they've mastered the art of cunctation and rope-a-dope, plus the odd bit of sabotage.

Why after 72 years of big-horned statesmanship have the Dems gone so back-door-to-history? Amy says, "Perhaps ... they have little left to lose." She works up quite a dossier -- if you read the article, I promise you'll be amazed to find just what masked marvels, what these caped and cowled crusaders the congressional Democrats really are.

Amy seems to think the Democrats have prove wrong the old maxim that you can't beat something with nothing; to hear her tell it, the donks are poised to re-take Congress in November. Of course she culminates with the inevitable -- "Leading this charge" to power is the Redeemer Maximus, who else, pitchfork Rahm Emanuel himself. As Amy adds breathlessly, he is after all "the man they call Rahmbo."

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If the Democrats take Congress, it won't be because they will have seized it, but rather because Bush and the Republicans will have handed it to them. The Democrats may just take Congress despite themselves.

That being said, in my view, the problem with the Democrats isn't that they don't know what they stand for or that they are wimps without a coherent message. They know quite well what they stand for--things like war, empire, corporate profits, and globalization. They also seem to know what they don't stand for--progressive values.

But they stand for it in such a nice, tasteful way, Haikuist. Imperialism with a fresh cup of Tazo/Starbucks to sip as the pastel espadrille grinds your chin further down between the feng sui'd rocks of a pesticide/herbicide-free garden. I tell you, if the pwogs could boil that sentence down to less than seven words, they'd have it made...

Holy John Hoyt! And here I'd thought that the kind of fawning stupidity was only to be found in the pages of rightwing rags. Sheesh! I think the dems have found their very own Cal Thomas.

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